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Singer / Music Therapist / Songwriter



Brie Paige is a Board Certified Music Therapist, singer-songwriter, and alumna of Berklee College of Music. 

Brie Paige began songwriting to find a balance between her therapeutic and individual life. Brie is the founder of her own Music Therapy & Holistic Healing private practice, called "Butterfly Beats." Working with a diverse spectrum of clientele, specializing in infant, pediatric, psychiatric, palliative, hospice, and intensive care, Brie uses her voice to lower patients' heart rates and to encourage positive coping. 

As a songwriter, Brie Paige's lyrics are pure and stem from a sincere desire to discover meaning. She believes her voice is her gift to share and uses it as her mecca for self-expression and tool for transforming chaos into inspirational sound.

Her upcoming debut solo album, "Free The Bull" is inspired by this passion & she is overjoyed to be able to share it on all music listening platforms soon!   



Los Angeles, CA United States

(973) 906 -0568